Decorative Paints

Do it right with Paint Place Cranbourne.

At Paint Place Cranbourne, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get their DIY projects right, the first time around!

We understand the importance of having a fresh home and provide only the best quality products to provide the best quality home for you. Deciding on a colour for interior and exterior house painting can be a daunting task which is why we have launched our in-store design bar. With a vast array of colour choices & we can assist with any scale project.

In the midst of this population explosion, we have supplied paint for thousands of newly built homes. If you have lived in a home, built in the last 8 years in the city of Casey, high chance it was painted in paint that came from us.

We pride ourselves on colour matching ability & have a vast amount of experience in this area. If you provide us with a sample (20 cent coin or bigger) we can achieve incredibly accurate matches. Utilizing the latest techniques we identify the previous coating of the sample provided. The sample is then analysed by our spectrophotmeter to determine the make up of the colour. A sample is then brushed out and final adjustments made.

Our troubleshooting skills are fantastic. If you have a squirrely painting problem chances are we can help. Backed by many years of practical experience, we can walk you through the solution step by step.

You can find a large range of paint brands and paint accessories in store. With all the leading house paint brands, under one roof, we are sure to have the paint colours and accessories that you’re looking for.