After a touch of luxury?

Wallpaper is unsurpassed in bringing intrigue and depth to any environment. With a vast array of Wallpaper books to browse, Paint Place Cranbourne has some exquisite European & New Zealand made papers.

Find a wallpaper to suit your style

Wallpaper offers the ability to update your interior scheme with colour, texture and pattern and can play a crucial role in the overarching design scheme of a room. It’s versatile enough to have either the main lead, that being the ‘showstopper’ centrepiece, a supporting role in creating ambience and tone, or both.

There are endless possibilities with wallpaper, simply choose a look that compliments your interior style.

Create the latest industrial faux trend in your own home with wallpaper that captures the illusion of timber, brickwork, metal or concrete. Glam up your home with metallic wallpaper that shimmers and refracts light. Or create an elegantly subdued interior using warm, burnished and lustrous metallics. Add a layer of luxury, visual richness and depth with textures and grass cloth, or dress up your little one’s space with designs that capture the imagination. With thousands of patterns to choose from you will be sure to find the best wallpaper for your home here.

Pattern or Texture?

Wallpaper can be used in any room, on walls, ceilings, even in book shelves. When looking to manipulate small spaces such as hallways, powder rooms or study nooks, horizontally striped wallpaper or patterns that have strong horizontal lines will help make spaces appear wider. Whereas vertical stripes will create a sense of height.

When it comes to the bedroom, establish a sense of calm using textured wallpaper with dark tones – from brooding greys to midnight blue, envelop yourself in a room where ‘r & r’ comes easy. Grass cloth wallpaper is the perfect choice to add a layer of luxe.

The lounge is traditionally the space where we communicate and connect with family and friends.

‘Conversational’ design is an emerging style that attentions the need to express individuality and quirk. Check out some of these unique wallpapers that are sure to give your family and friends… something to talk about!

Why choose wallpaper?

Wallpaper offers a choice of colour, texture and pattern that will add a level of luxury and point of difference to your interior scheme. But there are some practical advantages to using wallpaper too.

If you have uneven or cracked walls, a textured wallpaper will cover up imperfections making it look good as new. Unlike paint, wallpaper is a ‘single coat’ application and can be very durable lasting for years to come. These days, it’s very easy to hang wallpaper yourself, just look for Paste The Wall designs.

Paste The Wall technology cuts decorating time in half, you simply apply paste to the wall, then hang the wallpaper straight from the roll. When it’s time to redecorate, this amazing removable wallpaper will peel off from the wall in a single sheet. No need for steaming or scraping!